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*stares even if it's not polite*



Now that was a stare he could deal with. Attractive people were hard to find, and that person (man or woman? He wasn’t sure and didn’t care) was certainly cute.

"Yes? Are you also in need of beauty tips?"


"Indeed, I’m a one of a kind beauty in this town. But you aren’t bad either." It wasn’t that Zoisite was particularly attracted to that person, but they did have something that made the former general interested.

"Who are you, after all?"

Ah, how nice for once to not hear someone hides behind some fake modesty. Fish Eye hated that - people not able to take a compliment and trying their best to deny it. If you’re pretty you’re pretty, end of the story.

"Sorry for the late introduction! I’m- " wait a second, the card must be somewhere in his bag… here is it, "Uminari Djibril, of T. agency. I’m surprised I never saw your face anywhere else - with the tons of dull models we have, we could really use some real beautiful ones.
Good thing they got me.” nods, nods.


Everyone has there own little love drama going on and im just here like…being mildly jealous…

/sits there too

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Ben alors, tu viens plus aux soirées ?


" Ah zut, j’ai encore raté une soirée à thème, c’était quoi cette fois si ? J’espère que la prochaine fois ça sera sur comment prendre le poisson *glousse*"


I like the outfit you got yesterday at 12:23,
And my favourite thing to do is watch you dream in your sleep,
Hello, I’m so happy that you’re mine.

Kept a locket of your hair for my collection of you,
When you say I’m fucking crazy, I know you mean I’m cute,
Hello, never gonna say goodbye.

Something is going on // JunJun & Fish Eye


”…Hawk?” Was all JunJun could say, because then she found herself speechless and her heart was beating so fast. And now that she found herself unable to pronounce a word, Fish couldn’t stop talking and he had so much to say. JunJun had never seen him like that, it was as if he was pouring out his feelings to her? Was he doing that? She was so confused and Hawk was back and Fish wouldn’t shut up about it.

And Fish looked so nervous and confused as well, and so sad that Hawk didn’t remember him. Of course JunJun understood, of course she knew what it felt like.  She also understood how selfish it was to feel like that, that a loved one was back and alive and healthy living their life without them, the ones who had suffered their loss. The Lunar Eclipse had only been a couple of days ago, where she had found out Rubeus was back and had no idea who she was.

Before she knew what she was doing, JunJun wrapped her arms and Fish Eye and hugged him in complete silence for a minute or maybe too. He looked so tired and sad, did he have anyone else to talk about all these? JunJun never thought how lonely Fish Eye could feel, specially without Hawk and Tiger.

The young girl sniffed a couple of times before letting him go. She felt really embarrassed for a moment and couldn’t look at him in the eyes. She noticed her foot moving nervously, something that had been happening to her very often for the last couple of weeks. So as a mere reflex, she pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

”Even after everything Hawk did… All the pain he caused, all those lives… I always cared too much for him, he was there for me and-” She shook her head and blew the smoke away. ”I’ve learned that… I’ve learned that I don’t know shit about dreams, Sushi.” She finally said with a weak smile on her face. ”I’ve had so many but all of them turned to ashes, and then I realized that we don’t live to fulfill our dreams or whatever. We are just here and survive for some reason, I’m a senshi and it’s my duty to protect my Princess and others… But was that my dream? Was that the reason I wanted to live for? I’ve never been a fish, so I don’t know what it’s like, but I know what it’s like to be a human and I guess this is it. What kind of human life did you expect?”

Fish Eye’s heart felt even heavier with JunJun’s arms around him and as soon as she got up, acting all embarassed, tears started to fall on his cheeks. How did this happen? He planned to laugh at her, to tell her how weird it was for her to act all sweet suddenly but instead, all he could do was crying.
Big tears just like a child’s - because, in the end, he never had been one, a human child, never learnt how to deal with his emotions and usually let them flow. This time too.

"I thought- I thought… I don’t know what I thought, but it was different. It seemed easier, everything seemed easier, to be human. But it’s the opposite."

He wiped out his face with one of his too-long sleeve and hide behing a heavy curtain of loose blue hair.

"Of course you’d have a beautiful dream. But, that’s yours. To live for others and protect them, this is not something I can do. I’m not that strong. I can’t… do anything all alone."

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*stares even if it's not polite*


Now that was a stare he could deal with. Attractive people were hard to find, and that person (man or woman? He wasn’t sure and didn’t care) was certainly cute.

"Yes? Are you also in need of beauty tips?"

It took Fish Eye a short time to notice he was being talked to.

"Eh? ‘Tips’?
Ah! Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare at you. It’s just- so rare to see someone with some actual good tastes and a pretty face in these streets that I ended up, just…

Get over it, Fish Eye. How is that a big deal.

"I mean. Thank you for the offer but I don’t know any beauty tips right now. But if you were to give some, I admit I would probably be tempted to listen to it anyway~ "

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Hey it’s good to see you
And you’re doing well.
But… deep down I love you
As you can probably tell.

I know now that everything had
To end this way
I wanted to believe in love
That it would finally stay.

And I send you to the world,
And I send you with a kiss.
I know now that you’re the one
That I will always miss.

Hey it’s good to see you
And you’re doing well.
But… deep down I love you
And I feel like hell.


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