Fish Eye here!
Oh, but maybe you know me as the lovely model Uminari Djibril. How can I help you?

cameoneo said: § (Since I don´t have a RP Blog, can I use just a name? It would be Haruka from Sailor Moon. Can´t miss the opportunity for two opposite crossdresser :D And welcome back! *cheer*


"W-w-what was that?! I’m not into girls, even if they look like very very fine and handsome guys!”

kunsaito said: §

Fish Eye’s attempt to talk was reduced to an incoherent line of vowels and -thank God- if it wasn’t for the wall behind him his knees would probably have failed him already.

junjunwalk said: ''Hey, are you sushi yet?''

Are you that rude to everyone or am I special?




It’s been three years since Sailor Moon and the Senshi defeated Sailor Galaxia at the Galaxy Cauldron, but the peace hasn’t lasted. Tokyo is a hotspot for activity, and with a new threat right around the corner, it’s the perfect time for old enemies and new friends to rise.

Are you a fan of Sailor Moon? A writer, a roleplayer, or someone who thinks they might enjoy roleplaying? Sailor Moon Masterlist RP is a fun, plot-based roleplay group that is always looking for new members to expand our ranks. Currently we are working on unraveling the mysteries of our most recent arc: The Parallel Arc.

What mysteries lie beyond the portals that lead to different universes? What will Kousagi Tsukino do in our world, far away from the world that needs her and the dimension she belongs in? If you are willing to delve into the mystery that has thrown time and space off track, join us.

Those characters with links are either especially desired or have some importance to this plot or the previous one.

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winterfishy said: I wasn't sure as to send a message like this for the longest time (mostly because I felt it wouldn't have any real value to it, considering the periodic hiatuses which are completely understandable) but I've been a fan of what you do for a long while (even before I followed) and... Well, keep it up. It's fun to read and I really do wish the best of luck. I just wish I could help any!


My, what a nice thing to read (I hope I’m not super late to reply to it, because tumblr didn’t send me any notice so I have no idea if it’s a new message or not…) thank you very much!
I’m flattered and very surprised anyone would discover this account and like the few things I write here and then. As I’m trying to bring him back these days, this is a very encouraging thought. Thanks again!