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"You like Mamo-Chan, too?"

"Hmmmm, what will you do about it?"

"But this is not just about love, think about his position too; such a promising and gorgeous young man should only go out with an equally gorgeous lady and" a looong stare from head to toes,
"Excuse me but with your childish look and body, you won’t do. Not at all. Mamo-chan deserves waaaay better.”

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Do you miss your flamboyant and beautiful big brother ? ~



I think I found the last moments of life before the Circus came around. Hey, at least he wanted to save you and give mouth to mouth, that’s gotta count for something!

No wonder I have troubles dealing with blondes.

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Another Shitennou?!

Naked Fisheye is best Fisheye


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So I hear you're a model now. I really have no idea how you got that- we've all seen what extensive, grueling damage to fashion and general good taste a fairy dressed as a blue Michelin Man can do.

For everything related to damage made to fashion and good tastes, you might want to talk to Hawk’s eye, not me.


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Fluffy, fluffy, dancing little fish

100 little fish jump out into the whirlpool
1000 little fish are born and become someone’s food


セラムンログ by tkn on pixiv


Water Cake

A Japanese bakery, Kinseiken Seika, is cooking up a storm and it’s getting all over the world wide web.

The dessert they are cooking up is the mizu shingen mochi and it is a rice cake that is made out of… you guessed it water from the Japanese Alps.

A Tweet from a customer said that the dessert “has a pleasant natural sweetness… (and) goes incredibly smoothly down your throat.”