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"Hello there. And just what is your name?"


Uuuwah did he just- his body moved faster than his mind this time and he didn’t realize.

"Sorry! I didn’t mean to be rude—- I was just thinking how beautiful it was and I ended up, just— “ Furious blush.
"Ah- I’m Djibril."

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"Do you model? You have one of my ideal looks!" Hikari chimed in then mmm'ed, thinking, and blabbing all at once. "I wish I was just as beautiful.. then maybe my.. boyfriend..." She was starting to like the sound of that. "My -ahem- boyfriend wouldn't be so afraid to be 'loveydovey' with me. Ah, I'm a silly woman." She chuckled, shaking her head. She was probably wrong about that. "Anyway, it's lovely to meet you, ahh...I never caught your name?"

At first glance, Fish really thought she was Usagi and the confusion left him silent a second. Weird impression.

"Ah? Thank you; the name is Uminari Djibril. Uminari-sama will be enough." Serious face.
"… I’m kidding. "

"Don’t take it wrong, but" he shrugged with his best ‘it’s not that I care' expression, “You look good enough to make any kind of guy want to go loveydovey with you. Your boyfriend is either blind or stupid, maybe a bit of both.”

Gratuitous compliments, especially to girls, were not his things at all. But he didn’t feel like being mean and tell her to get lost - for once. She reminded him too much of Usagi to do that, that would explain it.

"The ‘be yourself’ kind of stupid speech is not something I usually agree with, but in your case I think it fits. You’re already kinda… shinning. You would probably look pretty and all with the same kind of clothes and makeup I wear but, would it be yourself? If your boyfriend loves you then it’s for what you are and look like already - if he doesn’t, then, he’s not worthy of your time.”




Very well. I’ve kept myself busy while you were out trying to get into the pants of every single girl you met.



Oh come on now, Fish. In a town full of so many young flowers, how could I resist? I’m powerless to help myself.

… If you say things like that, you’ll get arrested.

#truth serum
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What have you been really doing for the last couple of months, while hiding?

"… I was not exactly ‘hiding’.


I went to Europe for a simple shooting at first but when it was time to go back I ran away. I ran away from everything and from myself. Tried to be someone else like I used to, changing identities as easily as some change their mind.
I’ve been a bossy working office lady in some town, a lost writer in another, a lost and hopeless runaway boy in some other… I’ve met people that helped, some that tried to take advantage of me (oh, ruining their plans was reaaa~lly fun) had a few good times, some hard ones - it lasted a few months but in the end… these were all roles I played, like an actor, and I never was able to really hide; not from myself at least.”

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Forget the Shitennou. We all know you love Tigerseye.~

/intense coughing


"What’s wrong with you."

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Have you seen those other cute guys, besides Mamoru and his Shitennou? Motoki, Demando, Rubeus, Fiore...

"I’m not blind but I’m done chasing guys already taken. It only brings troubles.

Isn’t Motoki CereCere’s boyfriend? Well I wouldn’t try it even if he was the cutest guy in the World; I don’t fancy the idea of ending up hanged up with my own hair by some angelic-looking girl happily humming while she tears my stomach open.
Not that I’m afraid of her but ah yes, ‘truth only’…


That Rubeus one is kinda hot but to hell with the 'I'm not gay BUT I'd totally suck off that one guy if he asked me to -oh even if he didn't ask actually- BUT only him ok' type.
Demando? Please I took a peak at his dream mirror one day and it freaked me out even though I used to live surrounded by circus freaks. Major creep. I’m not into major creeps.”

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Have you been stalking Mamoru lately?

"No, I got bored. Besides, stalking someone is bad you shouldn’t do that so there’s no way I would
I’m not stalking anyone anymore
ok I’d rather stalk a guy that will end up look at me
Bloody truth-only thing.”


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How about those cute Shitennou, who do you think is the hottest?

"Aaaah but it’s impossible to choose, they’re all sooo hot in their own ways and—- "



"My poor sad litlle brother baby"


"Do you have to look that gorgeous to say stupid things, I’m not sad at all.”

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Favorite Amazon sister?

"You know, back then at the circus I wasn’t really found of these girls. (I’m not found of kids and girls in general so…) CereCere and I shared some interests though, but ‘favourite’? Nah, at that time I would have said I ‘hated her the least’ or something like that.

Things changed a bit, and now…  I’d say I like JunJun the best because I’ve learnt to know her a bit and she’s a good kid. Not the brat I used to think she was.”